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About Me

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Five Years of Perfecting a Craft

Well, let me get the generic "I'm a nerdy girl" thing out of the way. It started with Sailor Moon and Samurai Pizza Cats and went downhill from there.  I had fond memories of just waiting for school to end just so I can watch the latest episode of Sailor Moon. How I got into leathercraft is an actual interesting one. My dad asked me when I was in high school to look for a company called Tandys. I had no idea what it was, therefore it would be hard to search it on dial up. So eventually we found one of the last remaining few in Los Angeles went. I bought a bunch of things and showed me how to stamp a belt. It was the coolest thing I've ever seen. I didn't really get into it until after college. I had my first commission from an ex friend and started to go with her to various conventions. Although we're no longer friends, she's the reason I started going and selling at conventions and thanks to observation, she unintentionally taught what not to do in order to make it as a con artist. 

While at the conventions as both an attendee and an artist, I noticed that cosplayers, especially female cosplayers, didn't have something to carry their things. It was a catch-22. They could either not have anything and carry all belongings in their chest or modify their cosplay to have a pocket or carry a bag and have it clash with their cosplay. So, with help from my dad, I made a leather purse design. It's also not only for cosplayers but the nerdy girl on the go. Because let's face it, unless it's from Loungefly, a lot of nerdy fandom purses are often "kiddy" looking. So I wanted to make a bag where you can wear at a convention and as your everyday or work bag without people giving you looks or judging you too harshly. From there I start to expand to chokers, key chains and things like that. I also started inviting other artists to showcase their art at my table in order to give them the same chance I received. So yeah, that's about it. 

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