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Store Policy

Customer Care

Here at Kitsune's Leather, our goal is for all of your leather needs, meaning, I'm not happy unless you are happy. I'm not going to guarantee that my products are 100% flawless. Everything I make is 100% real leather and suede and there's often discolorations and flaws in the hide itself. I'll do my best to make the piece as smooth as possible but just know scratches,  bumps, even weird brands in the leather can't be helped sometimes. 

As said above, our goal is turn your dream into a reality, with that being said, our guarantee is to fix anything with your item within reason. stitching popped? No problem! Snap came off? No problem! Chain popped off? No problem! Is your item melting? No problem! Just contact us with a picture, we'll send you an address, you ship it, we fix it, and ship it back with no additional cost. Yes you do have to pay for shipping. Or you can find me at an convention and I can do it on site. If you're out of state, inform me a week before if you can so I can have the proper tools with me. 

However with the above policy, there's things I cannot fix: cosmetic scraps, damage to the paint from scraping (this is leather paint and can't chip), intentional damage (someone taking a knife to it, you taking a knife to it, someone just grinding their feet on it and tearing it up). I can TRY to help out but depending on the picture I can see what I can do. I will not make you a new item unfortunately without cost. 

Privacy & Safety

Have a naughty commission? Want to commission something that's a surprise? No problem! All of our items are shipped discreetly. However, unless asked, there will be a gallery of favorite works for the commission page. If you do not want your item on the page, let me know ASAP. I'll ask before shipping as well.

Wholesale Inquiries

Yes we can do wholesale! Just drop me a line on what you want, when you want it and how many! Note: if it's a small item for a fundraiser, give me all the details and we can work something out. If it's for a cosplay event, tell me the characters and how many. I do require 50% up front for materials and hardware, and the other 50% before they're shipped out. Once I get the materials, I will ask one more time before I start work to confirm the designs and details. Once work is started if cannot be undone. 

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

Payment Methods
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