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The Right Glue for the Job

There are TONS of leather adhesives on the market from cements, to all purpose, and some that even require thinner but how do you know which one? This post will tell you which glue will work for which project and the pros and cons of use.

  1. Fieblings Leather Cement: This is a white glue used to glue to thin pieces of leather together. After application, you have to press them together for about ten minutes before letting it cure to dry.

Pros: It’s good for small projects where the leather is thin. It will hold solid.

Cons: Messy, you have to keep the pieces pressed together hard to keep them from      coming apart.  If you’re pressed for time and looking for something to cure fast, this glue is not for you.

  1. Gorilla Glue: This glue I found to be VERY useful and I found out by complete luck! If you’re trying to glue heavy leather (7-10oz veg tanned) to a piece of thinner leather like lambskin, suede or 1-4oz leather, then this glue is for you! Not only will it hold it will also flex!

Pros: Strong hold, will flex, overnight cure

Cons: Messy, very, very messy. Coat and thin layer and press and let it cure for a few hours or overnight!

  1. Barge All purpose cement: I tried this on a whim and it was the best glue I’ve ever used! It was strong, a thin layer will go all the way, and can be thinned.

Pros: Strong hold, 15-20 minute cure time. Okay smell. If you don’t like the smell, it’ll disappear in day or two. Good for other surfaces to leather (clay, metal, beads, etc)

Cons: Need to be in a ventilated area. The smell is like a nail polish scent but can make people sick. Air out as necessary. Also can dry out if not properly closed. Also VERY thick. But fear not, there's a thinner!

  1. E6000 237032 Craft Adhesive: Best glue ever! Especially for tacking different surfaces together ie: metal to leather, clay to leather, anything really!

Pros: Very strong hold, cures in about 10-30 minutes. Great for adding hardware, bits and pieces, even piecing suede together.

Cons: A LOT of cancer causing chemicals, have to wash hands thoroughly after use, strong smell, this will make you sick! Well ventilated area (outside or in an opened room with a fan). Smell won’t leave work for about a awhile. Air out if you can’t take it.

  1. Hot glue is a honorable mention to this list only for certain things. It’s good for adding hardware onto leather: metal, clay, and lace. However you have to use industrial hot glue (not regular Michaels or Joann’s craft glue). You need something from Harbor Freight, Lowes, Home Depot, pretty much any Home and Garden store. That way it will stick. However when piecing leather together, I will advise against it because it doesn’t flex and it may not hold as you want.

Pros: strong, no weird smell, cheaper because you just have buy glue sticks.

Cons: You need an outlet to use it, obviously. Need the glue sticks tailored to the gun.

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